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Saturday, January 5, 2008 1:36 AM

it's three in the morning.
shame on me for napping just now and waking up at eleven.
shame. on. me.

i am trying to wear out this new blog before i reach the 24 hour mark.
why? because if the blog looks "not happening" i will not have the mood to write in them.
anyway since i feel like speaking my mind, here are some reviews on certain stuff i own. some are quite new and some are rather weird. just bare with it dammit!

some of you might have remembered me using this phone. well i'm still technically using it. it's a pretty sleek phone and i like the feeling of it in my hand.
before you guys start going "eeew THAT phone?" i'm just gonna say that this is NOT the lower end of the Prism phone line. the other one would be the Nokia 7500 Prism and yes it is quite an ugly sight. it being plastic and looked as though it came out of Toys R Us. what were these designers thinking?
that type of plastic on a sleek design does not come off as cool.
anyway i'm using the Nokia 7900 Prism
(steffi should be proud since i know the model number of the phone cause i usually don't even know the model i currently use. "anak nokia tak guna..." - according to her)
but i kinda cheated cause i surfed the internet to find out the model number. but hey, at least i found out!

my phone is the higher end one. meaning it's in a sleek metal casing. the face is smooth and the back has prism-ish designs on them. very classy and thin too.
it's as thin as my 80GB iPod Classic.
what i love about this phone is basically the colors. not the exterior of the phone cause it only looks nice in black but the screen and the lights on the keypad.
i can change the colors according to mood!

now for the bad part...
the phone has only one output plug thing. it's for the charger, USB cable and headphones. meaning i cannot do all 3 at the same time. and i have to use either one of those at one time.
so the question is...
what if i am having a VERY important conversation with RedheadChibs about some serious issues that we normally talk about and i'm using the headphones but desperately NEED to charge the phone?

oh no!
see thats a BIG problem. so i only have to continue after charging the phone?
if the conversation was intense and had to be stopped, gila heartburn!
that bites!
and i have trouble removing the battery from the phone because of the design defect, the designer didn't even bother including an indentation for people to fingernail their way to remove the battery. i had to use my LRT card to remove it the last time. bending the card and scratching the battery at the same time.

so thats that. oh and thanks Aunty Joanne for the phone. the fact that i'm STILL using it means it isn't THAT bad. i like it because it's so perddy!
forgotten to add... i am part of this seeding thing meaning i get to the try the phone for free and keep it at the end of the day. but i have to give feedbacks. so here it is!

say hello to Tegan & Sara. the twins of indie music.
trick question:
who looks hotter; Tegan or Sara?
(courtesy of Nik the Wombat who was trying to be funny)
i've been listening to them a lot lately.
especially when i started downloading music form Grey's Anatomy (the best and only show i still dare to follow with minimal heartburns). the show has awesome tracks and whoever picked them for each scene is a genius! sometimes i cry just because the song fit beautifully with the scene!
so anyway i'm not gonna list down their place of origin... honestly i don't know where most of the bands i listen to come from. i can only take a wild guess as most of the either sound American or British.

a brilliant track from these duo, which also happens to be from GA are:
I won't be left
Fix you up

pure brilliance!
whats more Junk made them the cover of the December 2007 issue.
but i don't usually read about the music i listen to. what is the point in reading about music when you could just listen and get high
so buy/download their songs. get EVERYTHING. they are all equally BRILLIANT!

i don't know if this has any relevance in reviews, i'm gonna pop in songs from my current favorite playlist on itunes from time to time. like now. it'll be one of those permanent fixtures for my blog. just so you get to get to know what and where i am in the music scene and whatnot.

Emo Playlist (current favorites):

Jamisonparker - I should me more
Waking Ashland - Flowers on the wall
Sia - Breathe me
Secondhand Serenade - Your call
Rooster - Angel Calling
Placebo feat. Kate Bush - Running up that hill
Matchbook Romance - Tiger Lily
Cary Brothers - Something


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