Baju dalam Almariku #1

Saturday, October 25, 2008 12:17 PM

oh pretty babies. yesterday was an excruciating shopping experience for me. why? because it's the last week of the month which equals to "NO MONEY" in my account. oh the agony of walking around the mall with only $50 bucks to last me for the next 6 days. feel the pain.

i heart Sungei Wang and BBplaza. well if you know where to LOOK you will LOVE it i swear despite all the stuff you heard that comes from that area.

trust me baby, its worth your while.
from Bundle-like shops to retro-new-rave wear... semua ada.
just don't shove aside the typical stereotypes your friends say.
not everything comes from there la please!

well the obvious ones are of course my MICASA - Telawi.
i literally live 2 minutes away on FOOT.
shopping haven 101.
that will be an entry on it's own.

till then, enjoy these first. it's a saturday and i'm ready to party already!!!

here's a little something... a little peak in my already toppling wardrobe.

Ruffle top from Showpink
Tweed Shorts from Bangkok
Belt belonged to by late-grandfather

guy's shirt from BBplaza
Shorts from Topshop
Belt is Tok Daddy's

Grey Jacket hijacked from Steffi
Dress from Topshop
Belt from Elo

my mother told me to stop buying clothes just so i could store my clothes properly.
what kind of statement is that?!


gwen. said...

I very very suka the ruffle top!

sensation said...

holy manolo blahniks! i love the music you preach here. where did you get all these stuff? keep on writing!! <33

nadia A.M. said...

@gwen - thanks <3

@sensation - i keep my tabs on they help me study for my music education. haha! happy reading! <3

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