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Friday, November 14, 2008 6:11 PM

i realized that i am not good at talking about the band per se. i guess maybe cause i don't pay attention to music videos, interviews and such. i am more concerned with the sounds these bands bring. music is like an internal thing. something skin deep and is only beautiful according to the ears of the beholder. so maybe the lead singer looks like a smelly, dirty creep but his voice is so sexy... so who the fuck cares on his looks. his face does not do the singing man.

this past month i have been reviewing a few notable bands which i think my peers alike should educate themselves with. simply because music is no fun when it is not being shared. my computer is running low on disk space as we speak. torrents working over-time. i cannot be any happier.

enter Dragonette. the name has a sexy vibe to it don't you think. another one of those bands i came across by accident. maybe it's just my pure luck. according to their last.fm profile they barely get 1million listeners. omg why not???? Electropop is the calling for neon!! sure their songs sound like what Hilary Duff might sound like tripping on E but I Get Around would wanna make you put on your best Topshop undies, neon knee high socks and grab all your best girlfriends. think of sophie ellis baxter meets kate perry and there you go.

I get around by Dragonette

next comes my favorite boys...

Boys Noize baby!! because i love them so much, their album becomes my headline. the best thing to come after Ed Banger's fan-fucking-tastic team (Justice, Busy P...) German music will never dampen your mood. ever. best beats in electro so far. i close my eyes and can envision the game tetris, pac man and bopping heads in unison. neon flashing lights is a must! something you can play over and over and over again until your itunes begs you to stop. and probably your neighbors too if you don't control those wild speakers. when you play Boys Noize you would wanna play them loud and proud. well at least as far as your volume dial can go ;)

& down by boys noize

i'll see if i can pen down a rock&rolla edition later :)


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