music connects the missing dots

Monday, December 22, 2008 1:00 PM

somehow after all this years, Yellowcard's Only One still reminds me of zaman dulu kala. not that i think you were my only one but because i remembered putting the song on repeat through our nightly conversations. i still adore the song :)

i remembered fighting with my classmate over a stupid boy band member who looked like a girl. pretty boys were so IN back then (he had blond mushroom cut hair)
i think we stopped speaking for weeks and i made you cry even. the whole class turned against me because i made fun of you being with the uglier of the 5. i think i wrote a note and apologized to you :(

and then there was this song you played and sang to me in the middle of the night. i had scented candles, i remembered. it was this malay song which whenever the title comes up, i get shivers down my spine. because i am not the type to swoon over stuff like this. i have no reaction. i think all i said was "oh thank you..."

when i was 10, Texas' Say What You Want and No Doubt's Don't Speak was my favorite songs. all this thanks to Tengku Alina (where ever you are...) you thought me well and made me LOVE music back then. she was THE bestest friend anyone could ever have. i learned the term "indie" over agama classes.

i remembered going to an Incubus concert with a close friend right after our exams. we had good seats but were never brave enough to move closer to the stage with drunk and sweaty people. i remembered a girl sitting in the same row wearing the exact same t-shirt i was wearing, making me feel so uncomfortable the entire night. i saw them serving beer and people getting so drunk that i made a gentle reminder to never be like that.

my last year of high school, my best friend and i convinced the discipline teacher to play our favorite songs to be sung by the entire school for this motivational day. it was Switchfoot's Dare You to Move. i think we felt fucking proud that we made them sing our favorite song out loud in the hall.

i remembered swimming in the pool with a group of friends in standard 3 and we blasted the radio like hell because Hit Me Baby One More Time came on. we danced by the poolside and then diving in at the chorus. and then eating pisang goreng with butter in towels. and watching Scream after lunch feeling all prune-y.

music makes me remember those times. when things were so much simpler.



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