Sunday, January 25, 2009 2:00 PM

late night/wee morning car rides brings out the deepest out of me. fighting of the drowsiness by staring straight at the bright lights. zoom zoom zoom. old skool music accompanies us by being backgrounds to our sudden revelations and emotional retardism. how my weekend nights are no longer spent being pissed face up to the point of severe amnesia with constant reminder of the tagged photos in the morning after. i enjoy nights where the zing hits the right spot and conversations would flow so freely. i get more expressive with words.

"i have this feeling where i think i am in love with someone i haven't even met yet. or maybe its just misplaced love. i got this build-up of lovin' but nobody to take it from me... and i don't wanna simply give bits of it away because when the right one comes, dia dapat sikit je. i want to give him ALL OF IT!" - somewhere between 4-5AM; 25/01/09.

i am an explosion of love waiting to happen. a love bomb. hahaha so fucking corny! (please shoot me)


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