baby said so

Sunday, January 25, 2009 1:03 PM

i never really had someone to answer to or to question my insanity. friends and family are just either bloody accepting or they are simply too speechless to say anything. sometimes i wonder how anyone can have a significant other who controls and determines their own outcome. and this ranges from simple things such as how they would want look like and the more drastic ones would include who they hang out with. i guess it that sense it shows that they care about something about you. its different to have someone who literally does not give a shit about anything. its kinda like "baik tak payah!" saving yourself from the heartbreak at the end of the love tunnel.

this is so totally random but i don't think i have used the term "my boyfriend..." in a sentence in such a bleeding long time. those two words are kinda like complicated Buntu language to me. maybe because i don't believe in labels. i mean if there comes a time when i would have to use that, i would much prefer just saying his name. unless they are new people. then i'll start off going "my boyfriend Jay is... blah blah blah..." this will imply that a) yes i have a boyfriend; b) his name is Jay. then there after, i'll just call him Jay. get it?

actually i lost my point in writing this. haha.

*Jay please jangan perasan. nama anda diguna sebagai kiasan sahaja ;)


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