sila pasangkan tali keledar

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 12:37 PM

oh wow. it would be cool if they made a superfunky drum and bass doob-doob-doob version of Spin Spin Sugar. one of the best thing that came out of the 90s' besides bubble-gum blowing, midriff bearing, navel piercing pop stars ;) its 7.30 in the AM and i'm freezing my toes off even with the a/c shut down an hour ago. this feels somewhat overseas like. the weather outside is too sexy for a thursday morning. unfortunately its a win and lose situation. with great weather comes a major responsibility of waking up in time for class. shizzer.

one day i wanna stay inside a room that is sound-proof, blast the bestest and sickest tracks known to mankind, and lie there the whole day just bobbing heads. i could be alone, or with someone but we won't say one bloody word. just comfortable silence drowned by sweeeeet sweeeeet music. mmmmmmmm :) the thought is getting me excited! i remembered the best experience i had which is similar to this is when i stood so still, over-looking the ocean at night in langkawi and blasted the ipod. wow. the stillness and solitude was so overwhelming i think i almost teared. haha. i wanna do that again please :(

death by chocolate by sia will probably make your day <3


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