Wednesday, December 24, 2008 12:59 PM

don't let the hair fool you because i am feeling like the most gedik mengada girl right now :)
(but this entry will not state the reason behind this because as mentioned in a previous post, i will not jinx my life away)
despite having very liberal parents who gives you sex advice on Christmas eve, they are still pretty conventional on looks. so my mom gave me kinda a horrified look when i grabbed her hand and made her touch the velvety surface of my head. but... i haven't seen my dad since last night.... so..... *gulp* he might just whack me ON the head with a golf stick.

so the reason of this entry is to make me feel better by listing down a few reasons why he shouldn't be angry:

1. i think i've established the fact that i am into BOYS.
2. i still LOOK like a girl girl. maybe not a baik looking one but a girl nonetheless. this is due to the dominant boob gene from his side of the family.
3. i tell them about my night escapades and they usually involve the opposite sex and a huge grin plastered on my face.
4. i blush at the side of a good pair of male butt cheeks (brad pitt, nicholas hault, daniel craig... etc)
5. i am already 20 for god's sake!
6. certain boys dig it. i don't need the whole world to love it because what is the point of living without pissing/scaring a few people off? :D
7. the security issue.
8. if he made a comparison between me NOW and then, he should pick me NOW. for obvious reasons.
9. the fact that i still have friends who has yet to run away screaming "THE NAZI IS HERE!!!"

a good head rub right now could be sexually arousing. HAHA! :D


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