Friday, June 26, 2009 12:14 AM

despite the sleepy state i am in i just had to write about this.

Papergirl is a project done every year in Berlin since 2006. The concept of this project is distributing art pieces at certain locations in Berlin with the help of volunteers; in paperboy style. you know, the boy in an surburban american neighborhood who goes on his bike and throws newspapers in front of the porch? yeah that one.

so basically these people prepare the art pieces in scrolls for distribution. they gather around at a certain point and cycle around the city throwing scrolls of art. brilliant no?

the project also has a show where various art pieces are shown in an exhibition. various booths with various art concepts are published and put to display during the duration of the project which are only held once a year. the pieces on display will then be distributed later.

anybody could join this project. family, friends, neighbors EVERYBODY could work together and
meet new interesting people. the reason why bikes are chosen as means of distribution is because it limits stereotypes as the rolls are distributed spontaneously and randomly to strangers.

If you're gonna be in Berlin in July, the next exhibition will be held from July 17 - 31, 2009 at "ALTE POST NEUKĂ–LLN"

for more information and pictures of the on-going project, click HERE


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