the vampire diaries

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 9:36 AM

so i managed to stream the first 3 episodes of the new series, The Vampire Diaries. i must say i am with mixed feelings as the vampire is not THAT hot & isn't it always the rule of thumb that vampires are the most beautiful creatures EVER? the guys bukan nya hot sangat. plus watching Ian Somerhalder as a smoldering evil vampire kinda creeps me out giving me gay innuendos as i've seen him making out with guys in various movies. okay casting aside, the storyline is damn right predictable & not imaginative at all. so i don't know how this series can have this wow factor. i have not read the book yet because the cover screams PRETEEN!! and is probably something Miley Cyrus or even Julia would read.
what caught my attention was the soundtrack chosen for each episode. wow they even played Kids by MGMT. not bad. song is old school but to be played in The vampire diaries showed a bit of class sikit la. i think the music drowns the story. because i remembered humming along to the songs rather than pay attention to the dialog and whatever was going on. so maybe i won't be too keen to struggle & cuss my way into getting an episode every week but the soundtrack is really something to look forward to.
all in all, i would not mind watching this series. or follow it for that matter. the corny factor makes a vampire series a vampire series. i suppose vampire movies & tv series need the corny romantic factor because that what vampires live for; sex & everything awesome. wouldn't you do that too? i have a feeling the characters will grow on me because the lead already caught me. i thought a role reversal would be better between the 2 main vampire characters. but i guess being a vampire, nothing is what it is.


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