russian headache

Friday, October 16, 2009 12:42 AM

so i found a few interesting sites online which i don't feel like sharing because they really are my muse & i feel so cheated when somebody would use or kidnap my muse. so unless you ask really nicely, i'll tell you. unfortunately most sites are either in japanese kanji, russian or other languages i have yet to fully fathom their origins.
so with babelfish conveniently on my tab, i feel a tad bit better.

here's a few shits i am in love with.

Retro Super Future

kinda like those old skool 3-D glasses no? eeeeeeh! $175 a pop yo!
hello sugar daddy, please?! <3


TokiDoki's Uncle Karl! he's like the fucking superstar man!


& finally i want my own Thomas the Tank Transformers! i remembered owning loads of it's merchandise as a child. eeeeeeeh!

chun sial. i'm all geram now.


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