Thursday, November 12, 2009 9:40 AM

i think i need one of this to get around. and i think it's not for kids because the colors and really minimal although it does not hurt having a bright neon one. tricycles brings me back to ramming my baby brother's Little Tykes tricycle towards my house gate back in the day when a) i had a wilder imagination; b) my brother was puny; & c) i had no one else to play with...

reasons why this tricycle is perfect for my lifestyle:
1. i am very lazy. thus the seat it perfect for me to lean back while enjoying a Chocolate Cream Chip Frap from starbucks in one hand while steering with the other.
2. i could somewhat still work out my legs which is getting flabbier and flabbier as the day passes. wait, scratch that as i've been hanging out with Harith & Matt EVERYDAY!! EATING every single meal of the day in one long continuous seating...
3. i can't ride a bicycle. yeah yeah yeaaaaaaaaah, SHUDDUP!


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