horror blondes

Friday, November 27, 2009 2:58 PM

i hate watching american horror movies. primary because the plot always runs along the same lines and its just not scary enough. laughing in the cinema at a horror screening is not normal nor should it ever happen if you want a great horror flick. and then there are those typical horror movie characters; you'll get the introvert girl who's quiet and possibly not as attractive as the slutty character. this character will not die because she's somewhat the smart character. then there's the bimbo hot slut with big boobs and constantly wearing low-cut tops and super short shorts who will end up dead halfway or at the very beginning. next throw in buff looking guys who will end up sleeping with the slut and will die alternately later on. there; an american horror cast concoction.
then there are scenes where the group will somehow be separated and dying one by one. this includes the dumb slut entering a room/forest/cabin/sewer by herself and upon hearing noises will automatically go "is anybody there? cut it out... it's not funny anymore!" *cries* she then dies with a sharp rusty rod shoved up her punani while she's bending over to pick up her torch light.
these classification of horror entertains me somewhat because i feel so satisfied after everyone who deserves to die actually dies padanmuka-types of deaths.


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