i still hate my neighbors

Friday, November 27, 2009 10:16 AM

once upon a time, we thought we had civilized neighbors.
until one day we invited them to our house and they were the most boastful shits i've ever met. and then they started taking up space in our outside lawn. and then now this stupid renovation on raya morning. not that i care that it's Raya cause i honestly lost my spirit for any Raya. it's a very depressing celebration. but i'm using that as an excuse because my neighbor is a dumbass. what if we did in fact are very keen on celebrating raya?! and the drilling and hammering occupies our listening space?? what then?
*btw Finch is being played with the speakers stuck facing the wall that is shared between us and them*

eeeeeeeeeeh i am so pissed off!
mr. chingchongchua SHUT THE FUCK UP!
(i'm chinese too btw. really)


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