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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 10:49 AM

little amie

a good friend once said that the key to happiness is by drowning in tears in the shower and then listening to a good song after. i never did realized the rationale of it all until one day it struck me as to why years ago i wrote in countless essays why my main character would always cry in the rain - to hide the pain as the rain mixes with the tears sending your pain to the ground. there's some symbolic shit right there.
this past couple of weeks has been different and exciting at the same time. hanging out with old beau's i used to discard with the compulsive ideology that i really do deserve better; i now find myself not falling but appreciating them a little but more. a new routine was all i need. from morning breakfasts to movie nights, i am not complaining one bit. i'll always discover new things from the almost-forgotten.
so far i am feeling quite awesome. minus the cough and slight sniffles.


on another note:
i've watched New Moon THREE times in less than 24 hours.
call me crazy but i DID NOT watch it for Edward Cullen because in all honesty he's so fugly in the second movie that it makes me doubt humanity's sanity. Jacob Black was so beautiful and perfect that i shivered so many times just by LOOKING at him. uhhhh-uhhhh-ahhhhhh!!! crying and squealing never felt so good during the 2 hours of the movie.
i am so in love with that 16 year old wolf!!!!!!


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