nobody should take this seriously

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 1:28 PM

today felt like a wasted morning. like i could have spent it better in bed, all cuddled up having awesome dreams. i'm so used to a few naps during the day that even my night time sleep is considered one. can you believe that last night, before proper bedtime, i actually went to sleep for a few hours; waking up only at 10?! crazy balls! then because of my super speed internet, i went on downloading 2 movies; Paranormal Activity & Whatever Works. had a whole argument on Paranormal Activity in the day time on how it's probably the next Blair Witch & how america can only succeed in hand-cam horrors as compared to big budgeted ones. so i managed to download the movie in 35 minutes! YES!!!! super clear dvd quality shit in less than an hour... in freaking BANGSAR! J came over to watch it with me because he apparently has a copy of it in his HD but he misplaced his peen so was too chicken to watch -_-"
i ended up looking bored as hell and laughed at inappropriate places while he was probably talking most of the time; maybe trying to distract himself from being too scared (this has yet to be proven since he's good at denying) - read: misplaced peen.
i think the movie was creative and the storyline and twist was cool if not original. instead of tackling ghosts like typical horror movies, this one is kinda like a demon-esque thing. all in all i was not scared because i think Phobia 2 gave me more shivers & actually made me close my eyes. Paranormal was very nyeh.
still i would think Chiky will scream with Roe; Miriam and me will go "eleh, tu je?!"


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