pile up in aisle 69

Sunday, November 8, 2009 1:06 PM

so i guess work is piling up because i'm letting it. and it's scary to know i am not one bit afraid of datelines. maybe a little anxious but knowing me, it'll all align properly. it is in the stars; really ;) as noted a million times; i won't let anything or anyone fuck my chances up even if it means sacrificing a few worthless souls holding me back in a mass bonfire ritual. yes, i am that crazy & driven.
course work is starting to impact my spiraling life & so are side projects which i am more than excited to do.

on a much brighter note:
i seriously want this... because it'll beat the crap out of nooka watches ANY-FUCKING-TIME!

ORA watches. fuck its so awesome i am tearing from the creativeness & the fact that i really want one!!

oh and this gold piece by T1MEPEACE. not a watch but still... :)

christmas is near. what will you be getting me?


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