Tuesday, December 1, 2009 1:09 PM

currently listening to The Duke Spirit - The Step & The Walk.

was feeling a bit shit the past couple of days so when i met up with J he shoved this in my bag & said it's for the pent up violence i've been having. what violence? :P
it's true that may days feel like they've been blacked out and me being in the state of a daze and sometimes more or less dead-like. people keep asking if i was okay and so yes i am i suppose. no i will not get into that here and right now because this is for me extending my hand out into the unfamiliar.
so far i've read 40 pages of the book which i must say is something different than what i am accustomed to. which is perfect because Chuck Palahniuk is slowly wearing me down with his brilliant philosophies. haven't reached the weird part in Audition yet which i will eventually get into after i'm done with work. it's hard really, juggling 3 different stuff.


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