if we ever

Monday, December 28, 2009 5:42 PM

there are plenty of songs made for this.
too many for one to imagine but Tiny Vipers' Dreamer would sum up how i spent the last couple of weeks of 2009 with you. and maybe after all the denial and the hide & seek we had to play among the others i am glad we took that moment away from our routined life. i may not know the intricate details of who you are but i would never consider you a stranger. how we came to be and how we evolved would forever be within us.
i am sorry if there were times i could not fathom your existence in my life by pushing you away a little too hard.
i hoped you could have stayed a little longer or at least gotten to know each other a little more. but this is what it is and i am happy that you get to start over on a brand new year in a brand new city, you lucky bastard!
i am gonna miss you J! :(


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