rough around the edges nudity

Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:45 AM

Lindsay Lohan for Muse Magazine

a little raunchy and steamy picture mix for a thursday morning viewing pleasure. the raunchiness of current pic mixes does have it's own hidden agenda. an agenda not worth getting too much into it just in case one of these days somebody decides to use them against me. but lets just say it makes one doubt the existence of one's own current principles to begin with.
this week has been a mix of annoyance, stress and undeserving relaxation treats. plenty to be done and yet i have more than enough time to take naps in between everything i've been doing. oh and also squeezing in Starbucks time with boys & music. i should complain less and live more. but that living part is a bit hard to do when even this fast paced super life most 21-something peers of mine are living is getting a little bit too mundane. which leaves me asking the question whether i am growing old too fast. perhaps that is the case but i've only started doing most of this come late 2008. yup a year of nonsense and principle breaking activities and i'm aready tired and burnt out. amazing, every parent should use me as an example of a trophy child. unlike most of my peers; and i'm using peers meaning people i actually know personally without making any assumptions whatsoever; are actually introduced to this lifestyle even when i was still roaming the school halls in 1.5 inches of heels making sure the other students are quiet. maybe i squeezed in too many situations into a short period making it a crash course or condensed version if you want. with so many things have been done it makes me wonder what is left for me to do? the excitement of experimentation with illegal and sorta-legal substances is to the very minimal leaving me off to face the seriousness of life right now. how boring. anyone up to donating 100k to my personal fund just so i can travel and perhaps dive off a plane for fun? see, now i would have to turn to the extreme to satisfy this thirst. whats next?


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