sticking to the story

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 10:57 PM

bill georgoussis

i thought of going into a full-throttle bitch fit about the complexities of life's challenges but i better not. it probably does nothing good to my karma points nor will it make things any different. the feeling of placing these feelings into another form of emotion is confusing and complicated. so many things to complain about and yet i cannot think of anything to be thankful of at the top of my head. maybe a momentary pause to recap the greatness that has happened but even that takes an effort. i'm telling myself that this is part of growing up and that i must have extra faith in myself to get a grip and snap out of it already. infatuation or not, i already labeled this as being unhealthy. so why am i being a hypocrite for over-thinking the situation? (there i go firing off).
so what started off as friendly turned sexual turned emotional. then before any of us could get a grip of whats going on, he leaves, i'm like this, the end.

plus leaving the youtube videos of the songs i'm listening to non-stop does not help either.


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