Tuesday, January 5, 2010 8:27 PM

solve sundsbo

if you were paying close attention, i enjoy indulging myself with the beauty of sexual complexities captured on film. boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls; the elegance of making orgies into fashion work of art dazzles me. the idea that sex sells should be used to its highest potential as maybe not many are willing to go as far. if 3 steamy chiseled-bodied men slammed you against the wall, wouldn't you wanna know how far you'll go?

solve sundsbo

miss deyn is a little too overrated this day and age. the peroxide-do got girls into a bleaching frenzy causing many to bleed on their scalps & surviving with coarser-than-pubes hair. picture is cool nonetheless. the question is, it's cool to flash a Union Jack on fashion but would you do the same with a Malaysian flag? would the effect and "fashion credentials" cut it for you?

yeah i thought so.

solve sundsbo

i don't believe in heaven or hell. purgatory maybe. the idea that the rules we were told from young is not as black and white as one would like to think. as i grew and started exploring the depths of life, i've come to realize how gray the lines are. thus the ideology that people should really mind their own business. who are people to question my beliefs and lifestyle in comparison to a civilization thousands of years ago. i may have done a few things i may not be proud of but who are these people to justify what i've done wrong when i've never hurt anyone. forcing an idea into one's mind does not necessarily mean they are gonna believe it. so please don't worry about my soul.


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