weirded out in the morn

Monday, January 11, 2010 10:06 AM

i had a dream that i entered this old looking mall slash hotel. inside it was all dimly lit and probably has a wet smell. i remembered going through the place looking for an exit. but then i went up and down flights of stairs. one had those cockroaches on it. not the cockroaches you'll normally see but the ones with the hard exterior from the dinosaur ages. so it was there on the step and i went around it. but when i went across the stairs again, i didn't see it but i felt something HUGE crawling up my leg and it was under my jeans. so i had to try yanking it out and threw it down the stairs. and then i found Julia's room. she was on her doubledecker bed reading a book. she told me to go through the kitchen door to exit but while almost heading out, i saw my dad & he was asking me all sorts of questions and kept showing me his phone cause it has a picture of me. then Aunty Suzy calls me out asking me to go to lunch but it was a fancy lunch and i was suddenly wearing shorts so i didn't wanna go but my dad kept insisting for me to go. somehow then i ended up in the mall with Harith. and then suddenly he said he had to go hide somewhere so he runs off. i wanted to go look for him but then suddenly i saw Steffi and Nicola walking upstairs. i called them out and was a bit upset cause Steffi said she was only coming back in a few days but she lied. and lagi upset was when she was just like "Hi! okay take care of yourself..." and left. oh and then just as i was about to continue looking for Harith, Miriam called me out to help me look for presents for Ammar. she could not decide which teddy bear to get posing with which heart it's carrying. and in the midst of helping her, i was worried that Harith is missing, Steffi had forgotten about me and that i had a cockroach crawl up my leg earlier.

the reason while i'm wrote this down because my dreams never looked and felt so vivid in my life. excuse the sentence construction. had to write it in a hurry before all memories of it are lost in my head.


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