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Thursday, January 7, 2010 11:04 AM

Burberry Spring 2010 Campaign

are designers creating somewhat of an irony to put the faces of young children on their ad campaigns? Burberry is known to have past advertorial campaigns featuring young faces wearing their signature trenches and checks. girls with braces and freckles. and young boys who barely reached puberty trying to sell the sex appeal in designer wear. maybe the designer brand is going for a different perspective by targeting the younger and fresher society by dragging them into the world of high-end designer wear and into the illusion of a typical Gossip-Girl lifestyle. sure, fashion is blooming but with our morality at stake? kids are growing up faster at the rate globalization is heading. kids are vying for a piece of the sex appeal the pop culture is force-feeding. young kids worrying about their weight and what brand they wear are starting to get worrying. worst still, parents are encouraging this. the Hannah Montana era kickstarted the trend of young girls aspiring to become an illusion of Hollywood.

it is no wonder children trafficking is on a rise in many parts of the world. including our own homeland. why is it on a rise? supply and demand. the showcasing of young children strutting their non-existent booty on television had created an impact in not only young kids but also pedophiles. why do you think there's such thing as child pornography? people who are aroused by the constant portrayal of kids as adults obviously wants to see more than what is allowed on national television.

manufacturers and designers are now creating products designed specifically for kids who are aspiring to grow up fast. walk into a toy store, you'll come to the sad reality that they don't make fun toys like how they did back then. Barbie dolls are getting skankier and skankier with nonsensical themes and clothing options. toys are looking more like they are collectible items instead of toys to play with. what happened to those Polly Pocket and Mighty Max portable play-things? or those nuts and bolts thingies which enables you to built functional cranes? flick through the cartoon channels and you'll wonder what happened to actual fun cartoons.

maybe growing up faster in a faster paced world could have a few perks. but does that mean sacrificing the younger generation out of their morals? growing up faster means higher responsibility and the possibility of them growing up with the illusion that the pop-culture is God.


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