i stroked it & i liked it

Sunday, February 28, 2010 2:04 PM

marysol foucault

whats been happening/will happen/may happen:

my best friend has yet to call me. it is true; he is avoiding me.
the Chibs to my Pooks is leaving me behind come Monday night.
i bruised my own father's ego causing him to go all lunatic on me & me saying the f-word at him.
i have yet to have my Skins date with Roe.
i am constantly checking my emails for a good reply.
it has been very hot that my skinnies occasionally become glued to my skin.
i hope Lolita arrives this week.
i have a feeling that i will sink into some sort of a depression stage soon.
will buy myself a nice leather bound sketch book to draw out my dreams & visions.
must buy a skipping rope to lose weight.


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