a breath of nicotine air

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 10:32 AM

marc lagrange

another few of my favorite smoking & bondage shots. it seriously tells something about me (i.e. that i am sick in the head and probably slightly insane). smoking a cigarette with the pretenses of looking cool is something to laugh at if not taking a shovel and hitting the poor twat on the head. but seriously with the large numbers of how semi-naked chicks lighting up or hot chiseled looking men firing it away under the hood of his muscle car, you better put away that shovel. the idea that cigarettes are cool is an unspoken excuse to start chaining away. so the most common open reasons are experimenting with what the hype of smoking is all about and then eventually getting hooked thus proving the point that cigarettes are addictive. i am not denying the fact that the reason why i started smoking was because other people were doing it. but that is the truthful reason. it seemed like it was a social thing to do and this theory is proven after getting to know the number of people since i left high school. we smoke before class, we smoke in between breaks of classes, we smoke during lunch, we smoke before we head home... we have great conversation while we're at it even. i am not saying that cigarettes are the best thing in the whole wide world. and maybe i could probably be a second hand smoker than actually smoking sticks after sticks. but my theory is, if you're already breathing in the dirty air, why not smoke it. i think without cigarettes, i would have led a lonely life as sad as that sounds. imagine nobody smoked, yes sure the air will be cleaner, less diseases but hey, you'll be trapped in your cubicle typing numbers all day or probably sleeping.

so what is my point?

cigarettes make you look cool until it will become a burden as it hooks you in and makes you poorer every time.


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