trust the weather to cause nosebleeds

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 6:11 PM

megan fox for W magazine

yup, ms. fox in clothes shocked the hell out of me too. hehs!

despite my principles to NOT talk about the weather, i am doing it anyway because it plays a vital part in my life nowadays. really it determines my decision to even step out of the house or not. this Chinese New Year has gotten me edgier and pissed off most of the time because of the weather. i am highly irritable because it is making me snap at every small thing. and sadly it leads me to insulting people a whole lot; some may deserve it some maybe not. either way i am blaming the weather. like today i felt like taking this huge paper stapling machine and staple this guy on his face just because he looks annoying (seriously he was a REMPIT working at a printing shop. he had those crew cut hair with a long curly tail at the back, he's dark with a dodgy face, slouchy and wearing that sling bag up to his chest - siapa lah tak meluat tengok muka cam tu?!). my irritability level is so high that at times i think if someone were to by accident bump me in the shoulders in public, i might just strangle them.
even my aircond is not as cold.

i hate the weather.
global warming is a bitch.

is it time to off ourselves already?


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