Saturday, February 20, 2010 5:26 PM

Dr Martens 1460

its excruciating just to even step outside one's own room. me lifeless on the bed also tires me due to the body heat build-up beneath me causing me to toss like a fish on my own bed. thank god for queen sized beds.

a moment ago i swear my dog was head-banging to Bloc Party.

oh & i started tearing when Empire State of Mind came on. not because i am so in love with Jay Z. but because the New York feels like home. sigh.

i want a neon yellow paneled body con dress with mesh sleeves. i may resort to finding a tailor if i get desperate.

till then, i'm gonna wait anxiously for Lolita to arrive from the United Kingdom. OI OI OI, Yeaaaaaah?


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