what can i do?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 4:56 AM

matthew rolston

i need to find a talent.

if only being weird in the head is considered a talent.


it all comes down to tomorrow. finally got my final presentation to do. all my years of writing about how i want things to work out and how i want to succeed comes down to tmw. well MAINLY tmw because that's when i get to showcase all the work i have done so far to the people that matters. this is the first round & it better be awesome.

it has been an awesome journey & never would i thought i would fit right into this whole thing i've been doing with great people. this is a toast to myself and to those who are brilliant enough to make it this far.

wish me luck! because i think i may have found something i am good at contrary to the earlier statement. but i still want a talent though.


Sheers said...

You'll doing great. Dont worry


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