Thursday, March 11, 2010 12:07 AM

i nicknamed Iris PLOOPY because it sounds cute & also she has this funny stance when she poops. maybe all dogs look funny when taking a crap but it's not like i pay attention to all crapping animals. like hello, i got better things to look at such as bot fly laying eggs in people's faces rather than watch dogs pooping! these isn't the most awesome shot of her because i've been struggling since forever trying to capture her doing something extremely cute and take a snap shot, but unfortunately she's camera shy. LIKE ME! :D

so all i got is this picture of her sleeping. on my bed. by this mom-jeans my mom once owned & now it's used as her comfort blanket and chew toy.

PLOOPY is fidgety in bed like me. she twitches and changes position like crazy. meaning on this queen sized bed, she could eventually end up where ever. thus causing me having to gymnastically maneuver my fat lard of a body around where she's sleeping because instead of choosing a corner to sleep on, she decides to sleep where i'm laying.

that being said, i miss having that somebody play footy with me under the blanket. just saying, despite the irrelevanity <<( i made that word up in case you thought my english was bad)... of this entry. but seriously, you can delete yourself on cyberspace but you cannot delete yourself from my mind (oh god, that's the most corniest shit i've ever written. shoot. me. now. please.)


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