the mess i've made

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 9:31 AM

iselin steiro by mario sorrenti for Interview March 2010

i would have taken a picture of how my cupboard looked like with literally an avalanche of clothes piled up so high that one could really wonder the struggle i have to go through every time i needed to pick out a top. because how i've already come to terms with the changes in my life that i've decided to do a major spring clean. i threw out a huge bag of clothes which reminded me of how i used to be; clingy clubbing tops, floral dresses, worded t-shirts, DIY projects gone wrong & clothes 2 sizes too small. i guess i no longer have the problem of holding onto things which are irrelevant to me. this applies to other real-life scenarios. why hold on to things which were once phases in your life you have no intention of going back to?


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