chgaaa yeeeeeah

Friday, April 2, 2010 7:12 PM

what i wore for the city

since the Opera House was at the background, we were like "why not lah!" & took a picture to make my trip to Sydney more legit. so yes, been there, done that!

& the harbor too to make it even more legit.

"eh lets lay on the lawn. i feel like napping lah" - Chibs post-lunch.

jolly gay time.

QVB. area looks so old & vintagey that we believe it is haunted. the kind where you'll see an English woman in a long Victorian gown roaming around the building looking for her pet dog.

toilet shot because the tiles were pretty & my boots prettier.

smoking cigars while observing people walking by. some are damn stylish which is why tomorrow i will be dedicating my day taking street shots of good-looking people.

so we basically did a whole lot of city walking for more than 6 hours. stopping by for burgers, MAX BRENNER & ultimately dinner. i had roasted **** belly & drank pretty-okay mango beer. stuffed & accepted my fate of coming home a fatty.


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