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Wednesday, April 14, 2010 10:36 AM

clash of the titans 1981

a bunch of us watched the movie at Event on Monday because it was Student Movie Monday & we only paid almost half the price for the 3D movie. i expected the movie to be 300-esque just not as good because i don't think there would be any movie in the coming decade to look as good as 300.
the characters who were supposed to look hot were actually hot so YAY. and Tony & Effy who were siblings in Skins were cast in the movie with sideline roles. enough to be noticed; which excited me more.
the fight scenes were okay. nothing to go "OMG DID YOU SEE THAT MOVE?! FUCKING AWESOME RIGHT?!"

now the stuff that pissed me off were:
1. Zeus' armor. like what the fuck? it's unnecessarily too shiny & makes Liam look fat and stubby.
2. THERE WERE NO SEX SCENES OR ANYTHING SEXUAL (ie. kissing, face touching...). okay not that i am a perv because i like people getting it on but because dammit it's a GREEK movie & we all know the greeks always get turned on for no apparent reason. watch every greek mythology themed movie you know & you'll get my frustration. dammit even Hercules from Disney had sexual tension. @%&*#! Chibs and i kept going "JUST HAVE SEX WITH HER ALREADY LAH!" & realizing that the direction of the movie was not heading to where we wanted, we simply tutted like chickens in disappointment.
3. the storyline moved in such a pace that you've accepted what was going to happen & everything seemed like a life-line of someone in an already coma state.
4. the kraken did not have it's prime moment. we saw his magnificent state for 3 seconds before he got turned to stone upon gazing at Medusa's eyes on her already severed head held by That Hot Guy From Avatar. i expected the kraken to actually do some major damage at least & maybe battling it out in the wide open seas by dragging Avatar Guy by his ankles. we didn't even get a glimpse of how the kraken looks like as a whole; only bits and pieces especially as it sank into the ocean as stone.
5. NOBODY WAS TOPLESS. at least show shirtless men all dirty and greased up flexing their pecs and glorious arms swinging a sword. we however witnessed how unsexy That Hot Guy from Avatar wore a skirt too short for his strong legs. no thanks.

thats $13 & 2 hours of my life i am never getting back.


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