wearing fleece is justified

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 10:03 AM

we live for times like these no matter what the consequences are

the stagnant previous entry was haunting me; thus remembering my mental reminder of at least trying to write-in every couple of days. so maybe 5 days is a bit draggy and a couple of days ago made me realize that there are actually people who gave a crap about my musings. thank you for caring & sending me private messages on Facebook & leaving sneaky comments here and there. seriously THANK YOU.

i am still in Sydney despite a few confused with my state of being. i'll be heading back soon to start the reality of my life. me being the only graduate in the house is depressing with the bunch heading to the uni to do some actual studying almost everyday seem daunting to my kind. so i nap whenever i can and after a very long time, i could finally sleep without the anxiety.

my days are spent filled to the rim; taking turns with company. new friendships are formed due to the close-proximity we've shared in a week or so. the city no longer feels scary to be explored alone. i rely heavily on gut-feeling & cannot be happier since. i love the place & it just confirmed how i feel that i am destined living in a fast-paced city. probably not Sydney but somewhere else. despite the corny want of everybody of wanting to live in New York; i am one of those individuals. fingers crossed and i might spend an entire summer over there next year.

most days when i am out in the city, i feel a sudden shiver running through me and trust me it is not the cold weather. i am at awe and cannot believe i am actually here. Chibs & i had talks of dragging me here some day. we even talked about finding jobs and sharing the expenses 50/50. how sweet and how i know Chibs will be there when everyone is gone.

i cannot wait to start my internship but i feel like i don't wanna go home yet.


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