miss furry

Friday, April 2, 2010 11:21 PM

steve hoskins

i miss my pets. in Sydney you don't see stray cats. there's more birds loitering around than cats. & i don't give a shit about birds because the way i see it, they are only made to be feasted upon; grilled, fried, steamed, curried, souped... etc.

the only feline i saw was this flat-faced persian by the window. muka the cat tak leh bla at all. idiot-face all the time.

today i saw a few people walking their dogs and i thought of Iris & how she would enjoy herself in the cool weather. she would smell so good since she won't sweat so much & her fur will be so lawa when the wind blows. sigh. i miss la my smelly Ploopy girl :(


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