i peed in the ocean & it felt warm

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 4:30 PM

in the city after shopping at Paddington & Chibs insisting on putting the camera on timer & me going "omg hurry before someone passes by and steals it!"

you see the pink bag i am carrying? well i have a pair of awesome shoes in it! which i will take a shot of when i've figured out a perfect outfit to go with it.

been doing a whole lot of going out since the whole gang was here. i didn't have time nor the effort to take beautiful pictures while i was doing whatever i was doing because i was fairly occupied. so far we've been to the city almost everyday except today because we went to Coogee for a dip in the ocean. well actually we might go to the city later for some Max Brenner. mmmm.

i'm sorta feeling sick cause i have clear mucus lodged in my nose and slimy tadpoles on sandpaper in my throat.


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