this week in chaos

Saturday, May 1, 2010 2:46 PM

the day i decided to get dressed up to go to Barsonic after almost 2 months being on hiatus with graduation, Sydney & work, Zouk got raided at almost 2am, merely an hour and a half since i arrived. urine sample & ID check... the whole shebang. i was not worried, more like tired & lazy; what the fuck man!

oh the heart-shaped mesh+spandex dress with yellow stripes is from American Apparel. one of my splurges from Oxford Street.

something i could look forward to soon. i bought another pair of Doc Martens. i'm sorry but i really cannot help it man! it's so pretty!!!!!!! thats almost rm700 contributed to the American economy. vote for Obama!

work has been alright. we had a photo shoot for our latest editorial in the office yesterday. plus i finished up my videos needed for the upcoming club nights! it's gonna be an interesting 3rd week of work next week. fo' sho!


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