after a few flutes

Saturday, April 24, 2010 3:01 AM

my urge to drunk-blog is a serious addiction. i always have this sudden urge to blog whenever i am out of my mind, drugged up or super gone from bubbly. this habit needs to be hindered. seriously. especially before i start babbling like an imbecile about inadequate make-out buddies, nasty sexcapades or other raunchy details meant to be kept behind closed doors. unfortunately i have none i feel like sharing right now.

today was Day 5 at work thus ending my first week working at Aesthetics Creative (aha! i've finally revealed my work place!). so far i have contributed in club visuals in pictures and videos. you know how sometimes you go clubbing and they have these flat screen tvs which you thought was a waste of money and space because you think you deserve to have them nicely placed in your bedroom? well, i am the one who picks and materials you see. so there, i have contributed to a lifestyle i once had. it's really ironic really, me working for club events when i now barely allow myself to step outside the comfort of printed cotton shorts, the one with drawstrings on them & a big ol' t-shirt which smells distinctively of lunch, dinner and possibly dog sweat.

i bumped into a few people at Converse + Jam Division presents David Corio at ZINC Art Space. it was a media opening and surprisingly it was more fun than i expected. i went to work today with no obligation to do anything until the fashion editor asked me to help him out with a future event. more than obliged to take up the offer, i did. headed to the venue to check out the place & to plan out the flow of the event. then i rushed back home to change and then power walked to BV for dinner with the americans. then rushed to Zinc to smile and say hello to people.

my boss' birthday celebration was at Rootz. never been there before, i got dressed despite today's festivities and went. had more fun than expected. more like more tipsy than expected. 5 flutes of Samosas and champagne was enough to keep a tired girl happy and actually dancing to progressive house. it's been awhile so don't stake me with that rusty rod. i'll still stick true to my music taste but once in awhile, it's nice to be deaf with something new.

the best thing that happened today was; my boss has decided to keep me permanently with the team! :D so i guess after the internship, i will still have a job to look forward to...

okay, i'm too tipsy to continue now...


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