city girl part 2

Thursday, June 10, 2010 9:40 AM

this is me at work at 9:30 in the morning. nobody but the production boy here so i figured i might update on my daily routine since every "famous" blogger seems to be doing it... no offense. i have been wearing black this week. my color palate has gone monochrome-d for obvious reasons. first because i look slimmer in black, grey, white & second i actually ran out of fun things to wear. so i'm going back to the mundane and minimalistic approach by going plain and simple. i get told off about my hair my various people. yes, my hair's grown to a length i no longer can manage thus why i am giving up hope by just letting it be. slab a bit of curling gunk and a few clips on the fringe and i am good to go. some would call it my own style but i just call it plainly giving up. my nervousness has yet to fully die down but i guess i am doomed to have it forever. which is fine because it keeps my appetite at bay & actually gets me out of bed. i no longer know my roles in this work place since i've been doing pretty much this and that with no complaints. it's great working in the city with the sound of drilling & hammering outside and above my floor plus the amount of dust and cement i am inhaling everyday when walking to and fro. i guess this is my replacement for actual cigarettes since i am on a brink of stopping completely. the craving's gone. however feed me some whiskey or beer and you might have to spare me a cigarette. thus i no longer have an appeal to alcohol. alcohol leads to cigarettes. since this new chapter of my life started i've started leaving phases of my life behind. my partying days are obviously over especially after my hips stopped moving at the beat of music & the excessive yawns in a club. i still tap and shake my legs so thank god i still got a music bone inside of me. slowly i am looking at the brighter side of this life with the intention of being great & even-more awesome some day. everyone wants to be somebody; the ability to make an impact within society. i am super thankful to the people who has helped me to make my way there.


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