Black Spray on Jaime Jeans

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 12:28 PM

i finally bought the pair of Jaime skinnies which i've wanted so badly since i first tried in on back when Chibs was still in town. if you recall, i had an episode when i accidentally tried on the pair which was 2 sizes too small and panicked in the fitting room thinking i have grown fat in just a couple of months. well i've finally found a pair which fit me almost perfectly (there's no such thing as a perfect pair of jeans. THEY DO NOT EXIST!!!). 29 inch in length from the petite section which grazes my ankles almost perfectly. seriously this pair of jeans gives the illusion that i have skinny and long legs (to me at least. don't laugh if you found out i was wrong). putting them on is quite a feat. not because they don't fit me but because they are so "sprayed on" that i have trouble pulling them up. sticking true to it's name it fits so closely to my skin that it is safe to say i can substitute the conventional pair of leggings with Jaime. tucking them in my 8-hole Doc Martens is as easy as tucking them in the 14-hole one. like i said - LEGGINGS. not to be confused with "Jeggings" seriously the name itself sounds obscene.
feeling happy that i've finally gotten the pair of jeans i've always wanted, i was actually under the impression that i lost weight. so last night i happily stepped onto the weighing scale to see if i can be proven right. unfortunately stuff like that only happens in the fake world of beach diets & chiseled oiled up men fanning you by the pool. i on the other hand do not get to indulge in such luxuries.


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