annoyance #457

Friday, July 23, 2010 10:36 PM

i live smack in the middle of the city. heck, i work at one of the busiest shopping district in KL. so observing human behavior comes naturally. so one of my biggest pet peeve is when a man carries a lady's handbag because she is too darn lazy to carry her own handbag. now there are instances when girls are allowed to have a guy carry her purse. i shall list them down:

1. They want to scratch they crotch/ass in their tight skinny jeans. This takes a lot of flexibility and a handbag may get in the way of doing such.
2. They want to try on another handbag on display at a store. thus, carrying the existing bag is not viable since they might not get the perfect look with the new handbag.
3. Shoving in a tampon.
4. Breast feeding
5. Have no arms
6. Have no shoulders.
7. Suffering from dementia by imagining their handbags' existence is to kill them.
8. They've forgotten about their handbag and the guy is carrying it to hand it to them and to remind them that they are idiots for forgetting their handbag.
9. They spilled glue all over the handbag, and when the guy got stuck with it. Then again i dunno why the guy would even want to touch a sticky handbag.
10. The bag is SO ugly that girls are too embarrassed to carry them till they make the guy carry them because he is obviously SO IN LOVE with the girl.

so please don't be a retard and let your boyfriend look like a retard carrying your tiny LV knockoff. it's unflattering & so not sexy. if he thinks he's being a gentlemen by carrying your bag, look at him in the eye and say "GET YOUR OWN GODDAMN PURSE!"


D is for Dangerous said...

ain't this the bloody truth.

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