i want a boyfriend

Monday, July 12, 2010 10:56 AM

if my title meant me looking like a desperate 22 year old, then yes i shall accept that. it is sad really whenever people ask me why i don't have one. as though i can give them an answer to such a stupid question. here's a list of stupid answers i can give to such a stupid question
1. i am so ugly.
2. my flabby tummy overshadows my vagina

thats what i can think of.
my best friends think the reason why is because i am picky. or that i am too smart. omg that means i am a geek?! a nerd?! a dweeb?! figures. if you've been fed with american culture on tv you'll know that smart girls are translated as being geeks. and they are doomed to be picked last or NOT AT ALL. plus they will die a virgin. well that last part i can scratch off from my Am-I-a-Geek checklist. but thats only one. plus i don't think i am super smart. well i can safely say i am smarter than probably your average 5th grader. HAHA. i suck at math. i still use google to check my spelling. plus i did get mixed up between Uruguay & Paraguay.
i think it's my face. people say i look angry all the time. i hope i don't channel that Edward-Cullen look! but even edward-foot-cullen can have a boring girl to fall in love with him. people tell me to stop looking and let the guy come to me instead. i've stopped looking because there's seriously no where to look. i am surrounded by people who either makes my digested food defy gravity or they are already linking arms with girls who are waaaaay prettier than i am. i have crazy curly hair, i wear glasses (GEEEEEEEEK!!!) & sometimes i wear unflattering clothes. tell me, who the fuck wants me?!
i wouldn't want me even if i was a lesbian.

steffi was right, i am such a failed heterosexual & an unqualified lesbian.


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