Outlook good

Thursday, July 1, 2010 7:58 AM

I contemplated to write a million different things and various moments in a day. but then as soon as i reach the empty white box where i am meant to fill them up with words, i draw a complete blank. hitting the red x button on the tab was easier than forming actual words. Today i woke up 30 minutes prior to my blaring alarm; thanks to Ironside from the Kill Bill OST. today i woke up with a tad bit of the anxiety i normally get before going to work. had a pretty fucked up dream about my cat getting hit by a blue Satria on the streets of Telawi by a guy named Kal. random enough i had his call card in my hand and called him to harass him. long story short, i was then afraid he was going to kill me instead.
It dawned on me that Nicola is leaving in approximately 9 days to Melbourne together with the boys whom i've gotten used to this couple of years. come to think of it, we went through a lot of shit together. so i guess i am not the only one who's starting a new sequel in their lives.
work has been forgiving. and the opportunity i've gotten cannot be bought. i am thankful & for one of those rare moments, i do think of God and constantly thank him for everything he has given me within this couple of months. i tear up almost everyday on the way to work or from work & feeling completely blessed.
if you were to ask me how i am, i'll say i'm doing pretty damn good. this is the dream. my dream job and life. not too shabby for a 21 year old eh? ;)


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