Saturday, July 3, 2010 9:48 AM

wearing a hijab just to give the world a perspective of your holiness despite being a prick yourself does not make you eligible to preach your religious propaganda to the other parts of society who does not coincide with your thinking. your definition of modesty is a cloth which reeks of hypocrisy & bullshit. my definition of modesty reflects my way of living and thinking which is more logical than yours. who are you to question my morals & lifestyle when i am still living abiding to God's ultimate law of doing good to others and myself. did i somehow hurt you with my tattoos & possibly burn your fucking throat when i downed on a shot of vodka? oops, i'm sorry, last i checked my body belongs to me. in school we've learned that it is even a sin to hurt yourself intentionally. so yes, i understand why suicide would be considered a sin but my definition of pain is different than anybody else. so who are you to judge that i am hurting myself when i obviously enjoy it. there's pleasurable pain when you have sex for the first few times for example. so by saying we should not exert pain onto ourself, does that mean sex is out of the question? since we are doing in intentionally? then obviously there's pain when somebody stabs you in the face with a butterfly knife. so fuck you and your condescending facebook groups and your sex orgies under university stairwells. the next time, you want to wear a hijab, consider wearing that sperm infested bed sheet over your head.

this post goes directly to the people who has this mind-set that if they wear a hijab, they should be considered holy or something. yet, they have more sex humanly possible, they talk trash about other people, they walk too slow in malls while linking hands with their rempit-looking boyfriends & they always wonder why they get pregnant all the time.


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