1208 Hours

Sunday, February 19, 2006 12:05 PM

went out yesterday. and things couldn't have gotten depressing when i stayed at klcc for 11 freaking hours. well, i kept changing my company that day. so i guess it wasn't that bad. the night ended well with me being completely tired and almost out of my mind. Crashed at 12 and got up to find i'm still depressed and tired. no surprise there since i do have a valid reason to feel this way. i got tahlil today. suppose to be leaving in 30 minutes. so i figured why not i write to kill the time. I don't think i'll have the time to write tomorrow's entry coz I might still be sore. anyway, there's nothing much to say although i'm sure if i do have the spirit to think up something i would come up with something a little bit better than this pathetic entry.

if something was wrong
don't tell me
only tell me if nothing is working right...

*fingers crossed*


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