Thursday, October 23, 2008 6:53 PM

An autistic romance. and romance being the key word here. i'm shoving aside the conventional way of reviewing romance movies here for a minute because there is nothing conventional about this movie. Sure Josh Hartnett stars here opposite Radha Mitchell; 2 very good-looking actors (sorry, the superficial part of me was shining too brightly....) I admit, the reason i watched this movie was because of oh-dirty-sexy-voiced Josh Hartnett, but i think it's one of those movies which you might need to have a specific mind-set before actually deciding to watch. Don't expect soft-core sex scenes, love-dovey behavior and jiwang-karat lines which could make you roll your eyes till it disconnects from your sockets. i had no expectations. nothing and my eyes were constantly glued to the dusty screen.
2 individuals with autistic differences suffering with Asperger's Syndrome, Donald (Hartnett) who has a superhuman abilty with numbers ("I'm late, which is ironic, because I started out 9 hours and 23 minutes early") and Isabelle (Mitchell) who takes things literally and hates the sound of metal banging each other. Prior to meeting Isabelle, Donald works as a taxi driver and leads an autism group. When Isabelle joins the group she turned Donald's life around fusing together her choas and his flaws and creating a new person in Donald. The chaos they live within society makes more sense when they are together; from gawking people to their hopes and dreams (Isabelle wants to paint a room with morbidity and scary eyes).
Never will you see a character so cleverly portrayed by Josh Hartnett. plus you get to see him in a vinyl whale mascott suit. which still equals to sexy in my books. i'll rate the movie a 3.5/5 in storyline but 4.5/5 for different. it's not everyday you get a movie touching topics such as these...
"i don't know what to say" - and with that he caught her heart.


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