soundtrack of my life

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 12:48 PM

i'm spamming my own wall with random ramblings. and i'm sorry if you think its annoying that i'm writing so many notes between short hours of the day. i gave up on blogging proper entries on my own personal blog and such simply because the readability and access annoys the crap out of me. i'm gonna stop complaining about the lack of faster broadband speed and xanga's abilities. phew, thank god for facebook (like you haven't heard THAT line before...)
i don't expect anyone to read most of this crap but apparently quite a number of you do with the messages and shit. but i'm sorry that i won't add people i don't know into my friend's list. so commenting here for you strangers just cannot be done. but thanks for reading anyway.
sticking true to my nature i am revolving my life around lights & sounds. i kinda stole that line from Yellowcard's album title. hey it fits ya'know?
i am overheating the music hard drive and up to the point i've forgotten how silence sounds like. thats how bad my sound addiction is like. i don't know when listening to music begins in my daily routine because i sleep with the music on and i wake up with it still blasting. i shower with the doors open so that i can listen to whatever songs and maybe sing along. when i go out, there's always music playing in the car. or if i'm out alone, i'll have my headphones on. i sing and dance in shops because the shops i love to go to plays the sickest music. i drink with good music, i dance to good music, i emo to sad music, i come home to more music. my parents know i'm home at night when the music starts playing despite it being 5 in the AM.

(omg why's bloc party playing in my The Bravery playlist? i hate people who salah tag my music!)


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