plastic girls

Saturday, October 24, 2009 11:22 AM

girls turning heads. girls giving heads. these are the new breed of girls born out of the pop culture of "reality" television and Mean Girls. the portrayal of lifestyle and attitude relates closely to the educational value of something The Hills might offer. sadly these includes the upper class of people who have so much going for them and yet the brain content they choose is saddening.

throwing at boys who will catch them with open arms especially with their tops unbuttoned and o-lips. don't blame the boys because why waste such a pretty prey?

why plastic girls attract males:
1. easy to mold thus able to take on any shape. they'll be whatever you want.
2. perfect physique. to be attracted to.
3. flexible. for post-party purposes.
4. hollow inside. easy conversations about the weather.
5. constantly smiling. will not say no.


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