hot girls

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 10:42 PM

hollyoaks babes

i am no lesbian perv but when i do come across pictures of hot girls, i would still stare in awe. despite their obviously photoshopped nature of their shots, one can always wish to look like that in real life. it is inevitable to gawk and maybe envy girls who looks like greek goddesses in the tiniest outfits ever. looking at Guess models makes me quiver knowing there's no way in hell i am ever gonna look like that. but seriously even for a girl, if any one of them pretties were to walk by; all i can do is hold my breath and pray i won't suddenly shriek like an imbecile.

anyway i just ate a roast chicken and some baked spaghetti. and a good helping of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter.


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