negative response

Thursday, December 17, 2009 10:29 AM

all of you can just go to hell because i'm out and done with this bullshit and pack of hypocritical lies that i had to endure just because i thought i had reason. but now that i know better, i believe i am destined to better things than being treated like shit. i don't need another man who degrades me in front of others just to look cool and powerful. and i don't know what your deal is when you make me feel invisible up to the point i feel like evaporating forever from your existence. it hurts to know that some people have that tendency to not think before speaking and going off just cause i am a convenience to them; knowing i will always come back. i wish that i can say that i am strong enough to just literally fuck off for good but that fact is maybe i do care a little too much. so far i have cried over 7 people in my life and you're one of them. because it is true, words really hurt.


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